[Note: Always keep the closeout date as expiry date of the month]

  1. Copy the delta.mdb file and paste it in the talk delta access setup folder itself(Just in case we lose our data). 

  2. Upload FO/EQ bhavcopy in talk delta access setup folder (Copy and paste FO and EQ bhavcopy in Talk Delta Setup)

  3. Run  EXE>Run as admin>Connect to EQ bhavcopy>Add the EQ bhavcopy file. Rate will be shown.

  4. Follow the same steps for FO i.e Connect to FO bhavcopy>Add FO bhavcopy file>Save closeout.

  5. Talk delta EXE>Run as admin>Ctrl R. Positions will be shown. 

  6. Menu>Database>Show closeout backup>Ok>F10>form1.